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Trevor Jones

Maybe, comparison is not a good thing when it comes to art, but Trevor Jones NFT artist is really one of the brightest groundbreakers. Jones is a 51-year-old designer with a total record for his ‘Bitcoin Angel’ selling for £3.2 million just in 7 minutes.

Who is Trevor Jones?

So, who is Trevor Jones? During his life, Trevor faced a lot of challenges in his career. Trevor Jones was born in Canada, and there developed a love for art, saying that becoming an artist was a tool ‘to find redemption.’ But Trevor-only exhibitions didn’t work out, and he decided to risk his neck and turn into a new Trevor Jones artist by incorporating tech into his works. This included QR codes and Augmented Reality stunts. At this point, Trevor Jones artworks started to draw attention. Today, we know him by the following Trevor Jones’ digital arts:

  • ‘Most Influential’
  • EthGirl and EthBoy (in collaboration with Alotta Money)
  • Picasso’s Bull

EthBoy, for example, was sold at the async marketplace for $140,705.

The outstanding Trevor Jones NFT artist proves that Nifties are the future of art that allows artists to both make a living from their work and gather larger communities. What is curious is that the NFT artist Trevor Jones prefers to keep his earnings in cryptocurrency, mostly: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The best Trevor Jones artworks

EthGirl (M) #64100 Masks_ Wow! President Trump 11 Wavelengths and Signatures

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