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Blake Kathryn

Her digital pieces of art are called ‘dreamscapes’ and are able to take the viewer to another world. Colors in these NFTs are from neon to deep. This is all about Blake Kathryn — the girl who didn’t even plan to enter the artistic world but ended up as a respected and admired Blake Kathryn NFT artist. First attempting to study advertising, she found herself more in love with graphic design, so she moved to New York. There she got immersed in art and music

Who is Blake Kathryn?

Starting from free YouTube tutorials and Eyedesyn lessons, she gradually learned how to work with 3D and convey the whole spectrum of emotions on canvas. If there was just one option to answer the question ‘Who is Blake Kathryn?’ we would say ‘a head-in-the-clouds daydreamer.’ That’s what Blake Kathryn artist calls herself in one of the interviews. 

Most Blake Kathryn artworks are somehow surreal and are taken from the area of the subconscious. So, NFT art for her is something therapeutic and personal. To add, her main inspections are found in no-tech walks, drawing sketches, books, and old and new movies. 

Blake Kathryn NFT artist also enjoys collaborations. For instance, the digital image ‘Iconic Crypto Queen’ was made together with Paris Hilton worth over a million dollars— $ 1,111,211, to be precise. Other Blake Kathryn digital arts are worth 6 digit sums, too, such as ‘Real hot bot shit’ ($ 129,207). Overall, the NFT artist Blake Kathryn has already sold more than 867 digital artworks, with a total value of nearly $ 3,8 million.

The best Blake Kathryn artworks

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