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Snowfro NFT artist is known, first of all, for his generosity. With his Cryptopunk Zombie sacrifices – selling a number of these Snowfro artworks at a much lower price – he became the creator of the generative art platform Artblocks. 

Who is Snowfro as an NFT author? The uniqueness of Snowfro NFT artist and his decisions in the digital art sphere consists in broadening the audience that is able to invest in NFTs. At this time, he concentrates not only on the mainstream blockchains like Ethereum but also invests in Flow. The real author’s name is Erik, and he says his main source of inspiration is James Turrel, who creates scapes with projectors and LED lights. Besides NFTs, Erik loves hand paintings.

Who is Snowfro?

The platform Artblocks brought about by Snowfro artist is a truly big name in the blockchain. The most well-known projects with Snowfro digital arts include Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenzas, Chromie Squiggles, and Dmitri Cherniak’s Ringers. NFTs belonging to the Chromie collection are very sought after and bring the NFT artist Snowfro the sums in Ethereum that are converted to millions of dollars.

The best Snowfro artworks

Avastar Print Registry Token #3 Grail by Eddie Gangland Memory Token 4 RTFKT PUNK VXL Portrait #1478

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