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Pak is one of the headline-making designers in the NFT sphere. So, who is Pak, and what do we know about the genius NFT artist Pak?

The person of Pak still remains surrounded by mystery. Fans even named him ‘Satoshi of crypto art’ for that. Still, fans aren’t very bothered with the question ‘Who is Pak?’ and are eagerly buying non-fungible tokens from the anonymous under the name Pak NFT artist.

Who is Pak?

Murat Pak is a record-breaker: if selling his ‘Legend’ NFT in February 2021 on a SuperRare auction at the cost of 96.8 ETH, which translated to $175,801 at the time, seems expensive, have a look at the next NFT. His captivating ‘Merge’ was taken for $91.8 million.

Before that period of success, buying an NFT image by Pak NFT artist and Beeple was possible at an under-thousand dollars price, so this was revolutionary.

Since 2020, Pak artist has continued to bring innovations to cryptocurrency art. The most known Pak digital arts are the following:

  • A Cube (1)
  • Five Cubes (5)
  • Ten Cubes (10)
  • Twenty Cubes (20)
  • Fifty Cubes (50)
  • Hundred Cubes (100)

The total value of Pak artworks is estimated at nearly $17,536,770.60.

The best Pak artworks

Origin #9YEL Origin #CPU4 Origin #EDBZ Origin #PLDI

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