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Alexa Meade

Who is Alexa Meade? This artist is currently transforming the art industry, making them breathe and move. She is self-taught, which makes her even more exceptional.

Alexa Meade NFT artist combines in the artworks human body and 3D forms, and that results in breathtaking illusions.

Who is Alexa Meade?

By qualification, Alexa Meade artist is a political scientist but chose a completely different direction: art. Her first artistic attempt was to paint the shadow of her friend and later still lifes and food pics. Soon her masterpieces were displayed in exhibitions in Paris, London, New York, Washington, and even in space, with one of Alexa Meade digital arts, ‘Aura,’ orbiting the Earth on the SpaceX Inspiration4 rocket.

Still, Alexa Meade NFT artist doesn’t go fully into NFTs and leave physical installations. Currently, she creates immersive art for Google, Adidas, Patron, and BMW. Alexa Meade artworks also keep receiving awards. She has been lecturing at Stanford, Princeton, and TED with this making NFT artist Alexa Meade one of the most celebrated women NFT artists of the time.

The best Alexa Meade artworks

Alli on a Starry Night Rainbow Shift Red or blue pill

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