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what nft should i buy
August 28, 2022

What NFT Should I Buy and What NFT Projects Should I Look Up to?

The tendency of NFTs’ popularity to grow like a snowball doesn’t seem to stop since many non-fungible tokens were sold for unbelievable sums in 2021. If the fact of million-dollar worth sales of NFTs does not impress you, what would you say to a student who sold his soul as an NFT on OpenSea for 330 EUR?

NFTs have proven that their presence on the market benefits both creators and designers and its holders. However, not all NFTs are bound to become very valuable: some will never hit the top list, while others will reach their highest prices in a few months. This depends on the relevance, utility, and demand, including the circle of dedicated fans and a wide social media audience. 

Read this article and see what top NFTs are but remember that only you can answer the question ‘What NFT should I buy this year?’ as it will also depend on your budget capabilities, interests, and the current trends. 

Which NFT to Buy and What Makes a Non-Fungible Token Valuable?

NFTs are created on a blockchain. The same digital ledger system is used to host cryptocurrency. Most of the time, NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchain, which is the most popular, yet, most expensive blockchain for NFTs. Still, there are other, more affordable networks such as Polkadot or Solana. 

The core value of NFTs is in their power to act as virtual certificates to a physical or virtual item. They prove the ownership or usage right for this or that digital asset. Still, you can’t say if a project is valuable at first sight and they are not created equal. 

One should be extra careful when studying a particular NFT’s or NFT collection’s description. It should say that the NFT contains the creative ownership rights of the asset. In addition, in the terms and conditions for NFTs, there should be a license that applies to a certain NFT. 

So, make sure to do your homework and always check where exactly the virtual asset is situated – at an Internet address, cloud storage, etc. While the token itself is stored on the blockchain, the attached file might be located elsewhere, usually in the marketplace. For instance, being kept on the web means that an NFT can vanish at anytime. 

What NFT to Buy and How to Buy NFTs

Which NFT to buy now and how to do it? NFTs are sold and bought on Amazon sites for virtual assets on special marketplaces. They give a chance to buy (or sell) and NFT at a set-in-stone price or at an auction (this is already more interesting). 

Auctions are great when the demand is high for a specific kind of non-fungible token. And as you know, the demand drives the price most of all. This is where the NFT sphere resembles the area of physical art so much. 

With NFTs, every item is unique and, hence, not fungible, as opposed to cryptocurrencies and stocks. This core principle partially gives the answer to which NFT to buy right now. If you want an NFT that will increase in price, go for the one with a crazy demand and crowds following the collection’s development. 

What NFT Should I Buy Right Now: Top NFT Collections to Catch Your Eye in 2022

Without having specific examples of successful NFT collections, you would still be lost without direction. What NFT to buy? Cartoon-themed or high-class art token? Yet, they don’t compare as long as they offer certificates of ownership and are for your liking. It doesn’t stand the question of what NFT to buy. 

Here is a list of the up-and-coming collections available for sale for 2022. 

  1. CryptoPunks by Larva Labs.

This is one of the earliest crypto projects ever. Having been born back in 2017, the collection of Punks is generated with an algorithm. Within the CryptoPunks family, Human Punks are the most common, but there are also Aliens, over 80 Zombie Punks, and 24 Ape Punks. Altogether they have brought over $10 million on auctions and continue to break records with NFT sales. 

  1. Axie Infinity. 

Axies are funny little creatures and the main heroes of the Axie Infinity crypto game. Since the game gets more fans, the demand grows, and the prices for a single Axie grow in a geometrical progression. One in-game animal costs nearly $200, and we predict this isn’t the final price yet (and one needs at 3+ Axies to start playing). 

  1. Proof of Beauty Studios. 

This NFT project might be less hyped. However, it is fully dedicated to the history of the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, it gives a unique opportunity for blockchain users to take their personal on-blockchain transactions and transform them into colorful NFT artworks. You can see the beauty of math blended with crypto operations in these images. 

The innovative algorithm combines the metadata of a target transaction and ‘places’ them into color palettes, shapes, and different textures. The first Proof of Beauty collection, HASH, consisted of 8,888 pieces and showed a great way to document the history of operations on the Ethereum network. 

  1. Battle Infinity. 

This is another collection that defied tradition (if there is any tradition in this sphere). Still, it is not a usual collection of digitized images that allows owners to produce income through their ingenious gameplay. 

The project has several features, including an exciting sports game, staking, and exchange in one flacon. Battle Infinity is known as a blockchain game where the majority of items are structured as NFTs. It is especially great for those who don’t want to make major investments at the start: the minimal input is just 0.1 BNB, which is nearly $230. 

  1. Souls of Nature. 

This project doesn’t sell all of its NFTs yet but isn’t it the best time to get to know it? The full release is planned for the autumn of 2022, so there’s not much time in store. What makes it so special? First of all, this is the first NFT project with an E2E (Experience to Earn) mode, which opens up the door to a much wider number of sensory features which go above the visual: 

  • soul energy
  • empathy
  • personality
  • wisdom
  • dexterity
  • gender
  • transcendence

Given that the game uses the same tools for creating graphics for making Xbox and Playstation, the 3D animation will take your breath away. As the player grows a young animal soul, they transform these animal NFTs and earn cryptocurrency. A part of the project’s original funding will be given to organizations working on securing wildlife. 

With unboring collections like these, you can hardly be left with the question ‘What NFT to buy right now from NFT marketplaces?’

What NFT Should I Buy and If It Is Well Worth It

Hopefully, we have answered the questions ‘Which NFT to buy right now?’ and ‘How to decide what NFT should I buy right now?’. With so many promising collections and a thriving NFT technology, the choice is wide, and the odds of buying a great one go up. 

Still, do not be discouraged when your dream NFTs rise and fall in price fast. All investments in NFT are highly volatile. This was seen even when Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, sold his tweet for $22.9 M in 2021, but a year later, it was already worth barely $300. This can work in the direction toward increase too. 

So, dabble into the NFT sea and don’t ask too much ‘What NFT should I buy?’ and ‘What is the best NFT to buy right now?’ – go for the ones you admire, which grab fans’ attention, and whose authors are ever growing and trying new techniques and convey deep ideas. This recipe for buying an NFT will probably have much value even for years, despite all the ups and downs.

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