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what is whitelist nft
August 25, 2022

What Is Whitelist NFT and What Benefits Does Whitelisting Carry?

NFT whitelists have become a new incentive for users to become those who see NFT drops earlier than others and are free from high market competition. This may sound like the next to impossible thing in the world of NFTs, but it is true. So, let’s dive into the topic and find out what exactly whitelisting is and how to get whitelisted NFT in the first place. 

To resume everything we are going to explain here, we made a list of pluses that whitelisting might offer. So, those who choose to follow new collections the first, get a number of benefits:

  1. Granted access to exclusive mints.
  2. Opportunities to buy rare tokens at lower prices. 
  3. Paying significantly lower gas fees (transaction fees). 
  4. Getting discounts. 
  5. Being included in a community of early collection supporters. 

Ok, so now we are going to break the topic down to see more about what is whitelist NFT and how to create a whitelist for NFT. 

What Are NFT Project Whitelists: a Look at Accessing New Collections Early

The first thing to know about an NFT whitelist is that it’s a database with faithful followers who are privileged to receive advance information and exclusive early access to mints. In broader terms, the idea of ‘whitelisting’ means saving a place for someone who is very engaged with the project and loyal to buying an item/product. 

A whitelist spot also promises that your wallet address is eligible to mint an NFT before anyone in the wider audience. So, in a nutshell, it is a VIP list of loyal clients giving them special perks and status. 

Whitelist customers also get a right to view the new mints earlier than others and purchase them cheaper. Luckily, this is backed up by purchases with lower gas fees.

Now, let’s get to the point of what is whitelist NFT requirement and how to get whitelisted NFT.

What Does Whitelist Mean In NFT and How to Get in One

Once you get answers to ‘What is NFT whitelist?’ and ‘What does whitelist mean in NFT?’ you probably want to jump right in. 

First and foremost, we would like to warn you that there is no sure-fire way to appear on an NFT whitelist. Moreover, requirements to get to the list often vary from project to project, and there might be different reasons. Some are very open to participation and incentivize users for inviting friends, while others might be harder to get. 

Ok, enough of boring theory and expert statements. How to get in a whitelist if you want it really badly? Here are some creative and proven ways. 

  1. Remain devoted and engaged. 

Most authors will trust those who are sincerely interested and look forward to the project growing in value. If you really like it, then be active in Discord chats, show your support on social media pages, and just be ready to be useful to them. 

  1. Indulge in fan art. 

This is for sure not boring, right? Fan art is a very straightforward way to demonstrate your preferences and show the author you are inspired by what they do. Learn more about what fan art is, and make sure you do not confuse it with copy-catting. 

  1. Join early. 

It’s easier to become an early supporter as many projects give places in whitelists at the early stages when they launch collections. Being one of the first followers might one day bring you millions, if not more if you stay engaged, and the project doesn’t fail to move on. 

  1. Take part in giveaways. 

Giveaways are fun and do not need much for a participant. Most NFT authors will only ask you to share or repost (or retweet) their posts with the result of earning a whitelist spot. Now, if it doesn’t cost you much, why not try out as many as you can? Just check Twitter and Discord for appealing NFT projects to do it. 

  1. Invite friends. 

If you were an NFT author, it would touch your heart as well if your early followers brought more people into the fan club. Use shill chat rooms on Discord or just share about it on your social media – all ways are good. 

How to Get Whitelisted NFT: Delving Into the NFT Presale

Getting yourself on a whitelist needs some good research and commitment to the community of choice. An example of a reliable whitelist is WHITELIST by the Art of Internet (AoI), which notifies users about nearly 10,000 early drops, conducts giveaways, and even gets a chance to collaborate with promising authors. 

So, after there’s a project you admire, join its Discord and prove you’re a human. On this channel, you are likely to come across a guide on ‘how to whitelist,’ which will clarify the steps to follow next. 

How to Create a Whitelist for NFT: Is Making Your Own Whitelist for NFT Project Possible?

Now, when we helped you figure out ‘what does whitelist mean in NFT?’ and ‘what is whitelisting NFT?’ let us look at how to create a whitelist for NFT. 

Now, since everything linked to NFTs and crypto is based on cryptography technology, whitelisting also includes cryptography-based tools. Today, for implementing secure whitelists, developers tend to use structures, such as the tree-like structure Merkle Tree, work with the backend, and verify the structures inside smart contracts to get maximum security and reliability. 

For laymen, this may sound weird, and it really is far from possible to perform if you have no preparation. What we recommend is leaving coding to professionals and enjoying the NFT world from the point of view of a customer. Those who study programming might, however, find it a good chance to start from what is whitelist in NFT and end up making whitelists on their own.

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