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what is airdrop nft
August 24, 2022

What Is Airdrop NFT: Learn the Basics about Airdrops in NFT World

If you are a curious and active member of the NFT community, then you must have heard the expression ‘to get an airdrop.’ There are even famous airdrops in the sphere that came into history, such as the one in 2021 sent to everyone using OpenSea. At that time, it was connected to the $SOS token. 

But what is airdrop NFT and how to understand it? Now, there is a similar term in the cryptocurrency circles, which will most commonly mean that users get a number of free crypto coins on their web3 wallets. 

This can take place as an act of promotion initiated by the coin devs or as an incentive for purchasing a blockchain asset. Airdrops are, as a rule, effective for drawing attention to the brand or a new NFT experience. That is a simple scheme of how airdrops function: as a promotional move or a bonus for users to be more interested in a particular collection of tokens.

Airdrop NFT Meaning Expanded: Why and How Users Receive NFT Airdrops

To cut it short, NFT airdrops might be initiated for a few reasons:

  • Holding a special NFT in your wallet
  • Advertising a related brand
  • Taking part in a giveaway
  • Being gifted with an NFT (often as a part of marketing strategy)

What is airdrop NFT apart from providing free tokens, and what does airdrop mean in NFT community? Airdrops are valuable because they are brilliant at bringing a specific collection into the limelight. They are useful both for users and authors. Users become holders of more diverse tokens, which often get more pricey. 

What is an NFT airdrop for creators, then? It’s a chance to be promoted and get excellent word-of-mouth publicity. 

An example is the Bored Ape Mutant Serum set, airdropped to club members, which was later sold on the secondary markets for 3 ETH (at least a few thousand dollars). As the publicity got to know about it and demand grew, some rare NFT from this collection reached the cost of over 1,542,000 ETH, which was nearly 5 million dollars in fiat currency. 

What Does Airdrop Mean in NFT and What Types of Airdrops Are There?

How does an NFT airdrop work, and what kinds of them can you expect? The classification of these drops is simple. It includes the following types:

  • Standard airdrops

As a rule, this kind is assigned to a person who completes one of the required tasks to get NFTs. This can either be sharing info on social media, joining groups and whitelists or just signing up for news from a specific project. Here NFTs are given in return for these actions. However, a user doesn’t need to spend anything to get them.

Now, we’d like to advise you to be patient with your airdropped tokens, even though they might not seem to grow in popularity yet. Right now, they may carry an insignificant value, but if it’s a project that has utility, uses breaking-edge tech, and includes worthy art, it may increase in price (on the condition that it isn’t a scam). 

  • Exclusive airdrops

How does an NFT airdrop work in situations with exclusive airdrops? In this case, tokens are distributed only to loyal or VIP customers and members of NFT communities and given as a reward for continuous support. They are obviously less frequent but also work great for those who are generous enough to give them. 

That’s essentially a brief answer to ‘What is an NFT airdrop?’ and ‘What does airdrop mean in NFT communities and in different situations?’ Next, let us consider the requirements for a user to receive NFTs. 

How Does an NFT Airdrop Work If It’s a Decent One and How to Spot a Scam?

In general, airdrops are not typical methods to rob people of their crypto assets, and this NFT operation is considered a safe one. Still, there are cases when you might (and should!) be suspicious of the project, for example, when you get an airdrop out of the blue, or it is from a brand you heard nothing about and didn’t sign up for. 

How does an NFT airdrop work if it is a reputable one? As a rule, they back up their airdrops with email messages or notify you in another comprehensive way. Additionally, this won’t include asking you to share any personal info, including screenshots, or asking you to follow links. 

To resume, here is what to beware of:

  • Requests to pay a small amount of money (like a fee) to get an airdrop
  • Phishing links 
  • Coming from unknown brands and unverified collections
  • Sounding too lucrative and sweet
  • Offers of help that need you to share your screen to give access to your device
  • ‘Copycat’ collections mimicking other famous drops but not verified

How to Airdrop Someone an NFT: Airdropping from the Point of View of NFT Buyers vs. Creators

The necessary condition for an individual to get tokens airdropped is holding a small amount of a particular asset, in this case, NFTs. Another way is to use a special service that makes you qualify for getting an airdrop. Here belong some marketplaces (like OpenSea), and if you issue transactions there, you might fall into the category of airdrop receivers. 

Okay, we almost finished with short answers to numerous questions like ‘How does an NFT airdrop work?’ and now let’s take a bit of a different perspective. Have you thought about how to airdrop someone an NFT? 

This is only possible if you made an NFT or a whole collection, minted it, and want to share it with a friend. Nowadays, this is often done through the tool named ChainShot. With special lines of code, one can launch airdrops right after NFTs have been minted. 

If you have experience working with ChainShot and Hardhat, you will be able to customize an airdrop by changing the attributes and renewing the descriptions of each NFT you changed. Hence, if you’re into the sphere as an author and creator, programming will come in handy to launch brilliant airdrop campaigns for your collections. That’s how to airdrop someone an NFT.

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