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Town Star

Who doesn’t like farming games with their unique sense of satisfaction when you grow your own veggie garden and do business out of it? The origin of these games goes deep into the previous decade when simple mobile games were at the peak of their popularity. No wonder that now they keep attracting players, though with much bigger chances to earn, and not only game currency. 

So, Town Star is very similar to classical stimulator strategies focused on town business organization and resource management. Enriched with NFT elements and the play to earn model, the game makes your time spent here both useful and profit-generating. Town Star was born on the Ethereum blockchain in the autumn of 2021 by the Gala game network, and this was revolutionary news for farm lovers. 

A big plus is that it is totally free to start the game, and there is no need to download it – it works equally fine when opened directly in the Chrome browser on both mobile devices using iOS (iPhone) and Android, as well as and PC and Mac OS. 

Anyway, it’s not enough just to know the type of game to get started, right? That is why in this Town Star game review, we are going to get into the specifics and guide you to kick start your gameplay with the Town Star review.

What Is Town Star?

town star 1

What is Town Star and its main aim? Now, the goal of this farming strategy is pretty on the surface: you need to build the most thriving and profitable town. There you will choose what resources to use and what goods to produce. 

Gameplay is super useful for those who love their games to be logical where every single action carries important consequences, and for those who like geography since settling down and placing your infrastructure in a definite location in the game plays a significant role. 

What is Town Star game like once you delve in? It is vital to understand that there are 2 game modes:

  • Play-to-Earn

This mode expects you to overcome challenges and cultivate your NFTs to earn Town coin. 

  • Weekly Competition

Taking part in Weekly Competition means you will play against others for 1 week, putting effort into reaching the top 100. Those who manage to do it are going to be rewarded with GALA token rewards. 

Both will let you earn crypto but will give different game experiences overall and determine a different pace. Unfortunately, the Weekly Competition mode is less dynamic, and maybe that is why it was stopped for a while.

How to Play Town Star?

Okay, how to play Town Star if you are new to the game and want to know the basics? There is a series of steps to begin to play Town Star.

Step 1. Create a Gala games account if you are after getting rewards.

Step 2. Pick a location. 

You will be given a world map with the 3 available terrains:

town star 2

  • Forest

Rich with trees, they are great for a smooth start but pose challenges later when you want to expand the territory. 

  • Plains

Here you get excellent resources to feed farm animals. This land isn’t hard to expand. 

  • Desert

With a desert, expect a hard start. It is obvious that you won’t have enough trees or water if any at all. However, oil is what can make you rich, along with simple expansion. 

Step 3. Start to establish your town. 

The next thing to do after choosing a place to dwell is making a decision about resources to grow. These can be crops or herds of animals that will give you certain materials like wool or milk to sell in the game market. Then, when it’s time, you can sell materials to towns nearby in batches of 10 units of each material. This is the only way to earn stars that form your status or rating.

How Does Town Star Work?

Ok, now you know how to become a Town Star member, but how does Town Star work once you’re in?

After settling your future farm on a chosen piece of land, some things will be given: fuel and finances. Your first task will be to multiply the budget in order to expand the cottage area and production capabilities, along with gathering harvest and keeping the level of fuel sufficient for you to sell the produce. 

At this stage, the game isn’t thrilling and mostly relies on trial and error experience. To help you make less mistakes at the initial stage, listen up to some tips on the list:

  • It is best to pick a terrain where it’s simple to start. 

Forests often make ideal areas to set up farms, especially if they are close to cities. Locations like this can save you from extra expenses on fuel.

town star 3

  • Always have a ‘nest egg’ to continue development. 

Let us explain this. The more workers you can hire – the better it is for the town’s growth. Always save the budget for giving salary money to the staff not to ruin everything you worked for. 

  • Make gas savings

Gas is essential for selling products. It is even better to have a gasoline-producing station in the town. 

 This is the least that one needs to keep in mind when wanting to start playing Town Star.

How to Make Money on Town Star?

Now, let us see how to make money on Town Star and what the in-game financial system looks like. Like in other P2E formulated games. NFTs here have real-world value outside the Town Star and are limited in supply. However, in the game, they are important agents as it is the NFTs that determine how many Town coins one can earn every 24 hours. In case this is a rare NFT, this limit increases.

Still, all the game currencies are interconnected. For example, you can’t open up Town Star (TOWN) coins until completing daily challenges, which include getting a fixed number of stars by selling goods or using your land to grow a specific amount of agricultural resources. Speaking in specific numbers, holding an average NFT in Town Star can bring you up to 20 USD per day, while a rare kind of NFT is potent to earn more than 220 USD. However, the price of such NFTs isn’t low. 

Besides TOWN coin, there is GALA – the Ethereum-based native utility token that acts as a mediator asset for trading. You can use GALA to buy Town coins. 

All in all, NFTs in Town Stars are divided into the following categories:

  1. NFT Town Star Bots. 

These bots make the gameplay easier through assisting in gathering crops faster and boosting the completion of other similar daily tasks. 

  1. NFT Town Star Storage.

These NFTs multiply your crops that can stay preserved longer.

  1. NFT Town Star Resource Strands.

This type of tool lets you ‘freeze’ the crops’ rate making sure they will be available for sale at this very cost. 

  1. Water tower-like NFTs and fountains. 

Give you a passive water supply needed for the land. 

  1. NFT skins. 

These ones change the town looks. 

  1. Solar panels and Tela soils. 

NFTs that produce electricity. 

Players can buy NFTs either at the in-game market or from external marketplaces. 

So, that is how you basically make money with Town Star – putting consistent effort into developing a farm and following an individual strategy incorporating NFTs to top up earnings. 

How Much Can You Earn In Town Star?

The main way to earn money in Town Star is getting into the top 100 each week. By doing  this, you will earn your legit GALA coins. The size of rewards will depend on the rank you achieve. 

1#. 5,500 GALA

2#. 4,000 GALA

3#. 3,000 GALA

4-10#. 2,000 GALA

Rewards are usually found in Treasure Chests after a weekly competition is over. Answering the newbies’ question ‘How much can you earn in Town Star?’, we would like to emphasize that it purely depends on your effort and investments. 

What you choose at the start as a location and how wisely you manage all resources and finances will also matter. All in all, the Play to Earn element in the game is easy to master, still, winning coins in weekly competitions and hitting any place among the top 100 can appear too difficult. 

Sometimes it is only the well-off players with NFTs who stand a chance. On the other side, it is all up to your wit. 

These days, Town Star is one of the most accessible P2E games out there with a free start that is worth your time and can turn it into additional income. 


All in all, the game deserves merit as it’s an interesting stimulation for crypto admirers. It is simple to grasp, and the game economics is easy. However, in our opinion, the game gets slightly boring when you have no more opportunity to invest or don’t have much time to develop the town with all of its essential elements. 

Our prediction is that, perhaps, when there are more update related novelties, the devs are making Town Star the place where everyone has equal chances. We also didn’t like the absence of an official guide, so a new player is probably supposed to figure it all out intuitively. 

Still, for those who love farming games and have the time and resources to make it their second job (or third one), we can recommend Town Star with its entertaining and earning opportunities. 

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