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The Sandbox

Choosing which crypto games are worth paying attention to isn’t easy. These days games like the Sandbox are making the first headlines in the news and achieving a new status. On the one hand, they are an excellent pastime. On the other hand, one can make a decent income by playing. That’s why one needs materials like this The Sandbox game review: to delve into the matter.

The authors of Pixowl Inc. designed the Sandbox in May 2012. Back in 2013, when the game was being developed as a version for mobile devices, it was still unpopular. The project got global attention only after Animoca Brands bought it and launched the NFT version of Buhs.

A lot of people from all over the planet work for this company remotely. Today we know that the crypto game has found resonance in wide circles: from Snoop Dogg to companies Adidas and SoftBank, it is gaining more partners and admirers.

Here we will do a short The Sandbox review to show you the game’s peculiarities.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is developing very dynamically. This NFT game exists for PC users (Microsoft Windows) and mobile users (iOs and Android). It is soon expected to be launched for macOS too.

The growth of interest in this crypto game is easy to see in the price changes of the SAND token:

  • £0,008 in August 2020
  • £3,93 in December 2021

When it reached nearly £4, the token’s market cap was estimated as £3,592,760,353.

Okay, but what is The Sandbox, and how to describe it? The Sandbox is a trendy NFT game with a play-to-earn system. It offers opportunities to earn cryptocurrency in a legit and transparent way. This is one of the earliest games of its kind.

The game is engaging, non-typical, and lets users are free to create their own worlds and inhabit them with creatures and virtual property.

Land in this NFT game is seen as tokens of the ERC-721 format. Knowing this, a number of companies invested in virtual land.

What is The Sandbox game for them? We guess they view the whole project not as a game but as an effective investment tool.

How to play The Sandbox?

Joining The Sandbox metaverse is a move that lets you into a whole new world and gives you a new status. The platform became widely available only in 2021 but acquired fans very fast.

Even at the dawn of The Sandbox, the company Animoca earned $2,5 million after funding the project’s growth and another $2 in the following year.

How to play The Sandbox, and what are the goals?

Players of The Sandbox set goals to purchase new land, collect SAND currency, and take part in governing the platform’s operations.

To play The Sandbox, one has to complete a few simple steps. Here’s a list for your convenience.

Step 1. Create an account at The Sandbox official website.

At this point, you connect your crypto wallet to the site. The system will recommend the MetaMask web purse as a rule.

Step 2. Provide personal data and ensure a good password.

After making a few clicks to connect the wallet to the game’s site, enter your email and create a reliable password.

The user avatar would appear next to the wallet’s total balance if you did everything right.

Step 3. Download the game client.

A tutorial will aid you.

How Does The Sandbox work?

The Sandbox is not really a game in the conventional sense of this word. But how does The Sandbox work then, and what elements of the game are there?

The whole gameplay consists of several stages:

  • Making an avatar
  • Creating the game
  • Generating an NFT
  • Traveling through the Sandbox world

Game making takes place through the program The Sandbox Gamemaker. To start playing The Sandbox, a computer needs a 64-bit processor, Quad Core 3GHz processor, 8 GB RAM graphics, and no older Windows than 10.

How to make money on The Sandbox?

In a nutshell, it is possible to make money on The Sandbox by building a unique universe from available in-game elements, which are at the same time NFTs. They include people, water, trees, earth, machines, animals, etc.

The creative power of The Sandbox is also in the function, allowing you to blend several elements in different combinations to get NFTs of a higher rank.

It is curious how the design of many new virtual elements resembles the natural world. For instance, water plus earth elements will make mud. And there’s no limit to designing and customizing these NFTs.

Most importantly, the Sandbox allows users to sell their items, unique elements, digital houses, and land. To resume it all, one needs to be super creative and bold in their game moves to make money with The Sandbox.

How much can you earn in The Sandbox?

First of all, create an account at Coin.

MarketCap to get your earnings in the SAND token. Earn Campaign offers an impressive reward pool for players, equal to the cryptocurrency worth $400,000 (10,000,000 SAND). This fund will be divided among the 40 thousand most active participants.

Before participating in any game activity, we advise you to watch educational videos to learn how to earn money in The Sandbox firsthand.

How much can you earn in The Sandbox at the initial stages? The first opportunity to earn something is finishing a quiz after this video.

The successful completion means you get 250 SAND.

Another way to earn is to design virtual art and sell it on a marketplace. Again, this is perfect if you’re into art.

Next, there’s the so-called LAND owning: you can rent it to other players. It is especially relevant as the price of LAND grows with the number of those investing there. So, it’s logical to expect a bigger price leap as the game gets more popular. Hence, LAND owners can easily turn the situation into spin-offs.


The Sandbox is an unrivaled project that anyone can take part in. We like that it is legit and very serious concerning security. It has never been hacked and has unbroken clients’ trust.

It’s also one of the best P2E games to buy and sell game NFTs or create ones, guide them throughout the game, and increase their cost. The game captivates a player much more than regular NFT market analysis, searching for updated info, or crypto price prediction.

Finally, The Sandbox universe is available for Android and iPhone users all around the globe for free. So, if you waited to get started in playing creative crypto games, this might be the right moment.

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