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What does this Splinterlands game review contain? Well, our guide will help you get familiar with how to play this game, called by some gamers as one of the best online card games. Collect, trade and battle!

Splinterlands is a reasonably new addiction in the play-to-earn list of blockchain games. It was created by two gamers called Jesse Reich and Matt Rosen. Initially, the game was called Steem Monsters. But in 2021, when the game gained traction and attracted many gamers, it was still too early for blockchain games. One of its attractive features, similar to many blockchain games today, is how it allows its players to make money from playing Splinterlands.

Splinterlands also has a crypto token traded in exchanges, called Splintershards ($SPS), currently trading at $0.14. Below in Splinterlands review, we will go through what the game is about, how to play and how to make money from playing Splinterlands.

What is Splinterlands?

To answer your question of what is Splinterlands – it is a blockchain-based online card game where you battle with monsters and earn handsome rewards. Splinterlands is described as a ‘digital collectible’ card game. The game embraces a play-to-earn model – which means the players have an opportunity to make money playing the game. The cards you earn in Splinterlands are digital assets or non-fungible tokens (NFT) which can bring you money. Some cards can earn you better than others, similar to other online games. If you are interested to learn how much you can make – hang on, we will get to that point in a while.

You can play Splinterlands on your desktop or mobile phone – both your iOS and Android OS support Splinterlands installation onto your mobile. But the desktop version works best. When you register to play the game, Splinterlands will auto-generate a Hive wallet for your use in the game. Splinterlands is also cross-compatible with Ethereum, Tron and WAX.  Having answered your question on what is Splinterlands game, let’s now look at how to play the game.

How to play Splinterlands?

In this section, we will guide you on how to play Splinterlands.

Splinterlands is like a duel – which means you play against another person. First, you should create an account to register yourself and connect your Metamask or a compatible wallet to your account. Although the game is free, you may want to buy the Summoner’s Spellbook to unlock features from which you can actually earn money. Head to the dashboard to access the game’s features.

If you want to start playing, click on ‘Battle!’, and choose from ranked or practice options. As you may have guessed, you should battle against ranked players to improve your rating. This will also allow you to go to advanced levels of the game.

Upon choosing the kind of battle, Splinterlands will match you against a similarly ranked player. You will be given a limited time to create a team of cards as specified. This is an important step in the game – which you have to choose carefully. After creating the team of cards – the battle begins! The first team to beat the opposing team’s monsters wins the game.

Have you got a better understanding of how to play Splinterlands? Let’s now dive into its technology.

How Does Splinterlands work?

Splinterlands is built on the blockchain, enabling players to buy, sell and exchange the NFT cards publicly, as everything is recorded in the blockchain. All players are aware of how many cards exist. The cards are digital assets – scarce and predefined. Therefore Splinterlands will remain transparent and trustless – inheriting the features of the blockchain technology. By using blockchain technology and NFTs, the game is able to give its players an opportunity to earn money.

How does Splinterlands work? Since this is a trading cards game, there are more than 280 types of cards. The cards can be combined to create new characteristics. When you win battles, sell cards, or engage in other activities inside the game, you can earn the DEC token. How many DEC tokens you receive will depend on your level, your capture rate, and how your opponent performed. You should keep accumulating the DEC tokens, which you can later sell in the exchanges like Uniswap or BKEX.

Start playing Splinterlands to get a real feel of the gameplay!

How to make money on Splinterlands?

To make money on Splinterlands, you need to have clear objectives and understand how to play the game.

Although the game is free to play, you should spend money first to buy the Summoner’s Spellbook and better cards to increase your chances of winning. You can ultimately sell the card you don’t need and make money. Keep an eye on how much you are spending and whether the cost is justifiable relative to your earnings from the game.

You can earn money from accumulating DEC tokens. You win tokens as you win battles against opponents and complete your daily missions. The money you make is dependent on the price of the DEC tokens when you choose to sell them. Make some good predictions and sell the top!

Another way to earn is to rent your cards in the Splinterlands marketplace. Like a physical asset, you will retain the card but will passively earn DEC as rental income!

Let us know how you fare and make money with Splinterlands!

How much can you earn in Splinterlands?

How much can you earn in Splinterlands depends on factors such as how many battles you play, how much you invest to buy better cards, and some luck, of course. Some players say you will also need to invest time in learning the ins and outs of the game before making good money. In any event, it seems that earning $4-5 per day is achievable.

I know the amount may seem negligible to you. But on some days you can earn around $20 too. And if you accumulate and sell the DEC tokens at a good point, I guess that you can earn in 3 digits. So if you are spending less than an hour each day to pass your time to make money in Splinterlands, then it’s worth it!


Is splinterlands legit? Yes, it looks like a safe platform that gives you a reasonable return on your investment. It’s probably not worth spending all your day playing Splinterlands, but you can spend some time each day on your iPhone or Android device. The game can become even more prominent in the coming days and achieve a much better status. Watch their space for any news or updates about new features or airdrops – an opportunity to earn more money!

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