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how to find nft projects early
August 27, 2022

How to Find NFT Projects Early and Choose Promising Projects

Being a unique technological phenomenon, NFTs have reached the point when the total sale has become worth more than 19 billion dollars. This sum was revealed by the CoinMarketCap statistics and proved that nearly 57% out of these billions in primary sales. 

What does it mean? This implies that 57% of sales were made when users found specific NFTs early and bought them in the hope of reselling them later at a higher price. In other words, knew how to search for upcoming NFT and bought them in the hope that the tokens would grow in relevance. They managed to make the most of the moment when these collections were still not very popular but showed all signs of turning into thriving projects shortly. 

Read this short article to see how to find NFT projects early and purchase top items while they are still affordable. 

How to Find Upcoming NFT Projects Out of Millions of Non-Fungible Tokens?

Every day, artists and game developers create new non-fungible tokens which may carry many functions – be in-game items capable of being transformed and cultivated, valuable assets, or simply be pricey because of the nice art and relevant problems they put up. 

They are also very volatile. This means that even if a token is worth several millions today, there is no guarantee that it will remain at the top. In fact, an NFT is considered primarily valuable because there are people who see it as a beautiful and useful digital item, so this has a big subjective part. But it is not only a taste of a few people that decides if an FT is going to succeed. 

There are tips that can help you pick non-fungible tokens that are going to remain relevant and rewarding in the future. In the next few paragraphs, see how to spot such projects and how to find NFT projects before mint. 

How to Find New NFT Projects: Simple and Reliable Tools to Search

Now, we will share some of the top methods to answer your burning question ‘How to find NFT projects early?’. Here we go. 

  1. Twitter. 

Known as the most trustworthy social media, Twitter is a good source of information in practically every area: from politics to finance. In addition, NFT communities thrive on Twitter as most creators and influencers ‘reside’ there and announce their releases and plans there. 

The tool is also useful because you can see who the collection creator interacts with and what they buy, sell, or hold at the moment. 

  1. OpenSea and tools in it. 

On the OpenSea marketplace, you can see ratings of collections, track their activity, and see a lot from the freshest transactions to info such as owners, average price, etc. 

  1. Discord.

If there was a minimum package of tools for a young NFT enthusiast, we would include two sources: Twitter and Discord. These days, every crypto project has a Discord server which can be anything from a close-knit fan family to informative groups. 

To spot new NFT pearls, look at Discord servers such as:

  • Free Mint Club

Here all important announcements about the new collections are made, and it’s easy to follow the news. 

  • Cool Cats Server

This is just an example of a collection-specific server where one can get information directly from developers and interact with them in many ways. 

If you came here for a minimalistic piece of advice, just remember these 3 tools, and they will partially become an answer to ‘How to find good NFT projects early?’. 

How to Find NFT Projects Before Mint and What Parameters to Check When Searching

Another crucial point in finding a good NFT project is conducting detailed research. What better place can you think of than a project’s official website? So, how to find new NFT projects with a future: look for the following points at their official sites. 

  1. Extended project description, mission, responsible artists, vision for the future.
  2. Benefits of holding one of its NFTs and being in the community. 
  3. NFT community tools. 
  4. Explanation of token distribution. 
  5. Terms and conditions of the project. 
  6. Provenance records. 
  7. Links to pages on social media and smart contracts on the items are based.
  8. Rights for galleries and virtual exhibitions to access the collection. 
  9. Details of governance. 
  10. Official announcements, related items, info on collaborations, auctions, etc. 

This is how to find a good NFT to buy: if this set of details is present and all the technology behind the NFTs is transparent, you might have come across a collection that is well worth buying. 

How to Find Good NFT Projects Early and Spot Rare NFTs

It was true when we mentioned that the value of an NFT project is often determined by the crowd’s preferences and the feel for the beautiful. Yet, another factor makes an NFT hard to get and essentially a big target for buying. This is a rarity. 

Rare NFTs rate higher on the market, gain more resale value and have a better revenue-generating potential. So, defining how rare the item makes sense, right? But how exactly to do it, and where to find NFT projects that stand out? 

Luckily, with the help of the online instrument named Rarity.tools, one can see how the algorithm calculates the ‘rarity score’ of a specific NFT. Usually, it displays results in descending order: the lower the score – the greater the object’s uniqueness. Interestingly, this algorithm will show different results even for several tokens belonging to the same collection. 

In addition, this tool can be extremely useful when there is little info on this very NFT set. So, here is how to find out about new NFT projects when they are still at the so-called ‘embryo’ stage. 

So, don’t hesitate to use the tools we advised to look for the new trending NFTs and check their credibility and uniqueness before they even get minted to be listed for sale on marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, Nifty Gateway, and SuperRare.

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