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Crazy Defense Heroes

The NFT-enriched game Crazy Defense Heroes may look just like another classical mobile game, but in fact, it is a massive opportunity for using the play-to-earn mechanism to get some extra income in a quite enjoyable way. The goal here is very simple: to protect your kingdom from minion invasion by fortifying your buildings in the cities, training heroes, using spells, and so on. 

Still, to describe the gameplay properly, we will need a broader Crazy Defense Heroes game review, so keep up with us. 

In this game, like in other blockchain games, users can have the next level of ownership over items which is granted by NFTs. Quests will take place on different maps, and the first 30 levels will let you get started in Greenwood. Every time you finish a map, there is a Boss you have to fight to proceed. Read this Crazy Defense Heroes review to update your knowledge about the game’s details.

What Is Crazy Defense Heroes?

What is Crazy Defense Heroes, and how to grasp its main idea? Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH) is the game belonging to the Tower Experiment project, which is releasing the P2E mode on the blockchain technology. By its genre, it is a strategy game, with the plot being a broader sequel to other parts of the big Crazy Kings (CK) franchise. 

The prediction is that CDH will gain more popularity as its P2E element unfolds and even a higher status. The game is based on the Polygon network and will be using NFTs along with the in-game TOWER token. It’s designed to have over 1,000 levels, and lets players earn TOWER tokens for free (which is good news for those not willing to pay the cost initially), just with game efforts. 

CDH is a free to play game designed by Animoca Brands. They are known as a ‘unicorn status’ company and are valued at more than $1 billion because they reached the key goal of smoothly transforming the free-to-play mechanism into P2E.

So, what is Crazy Defense Heroes game for an average player, and how to start off? Find it out in the next paragraphs.

How to Play Crazy Defense Heroes?

Ok, now we’ll guide you through the practical part of the play. Here is how to play Crazy Defense Heroes:

  • First, gather a deck for battle (nearly 400 cards are required for that)
  • Take part in battles with fantastic beasts in nearly 1,000 levels in the so-called world of Evils to earn coins

New card slots will open up after you complete level by level. What cards do here is give you access to different types of defense. In particular, these can be a variety of:

  • Hero cards:
  • Ace
  • Drake
  • Cindara
  • Haunt
  • Frostbeard
  • iRon
  • Furnance, etc.

Each of these heroes plays a unique role, e.g., Frostbeard can slow down the enemy with aura range, and Black Jack can produce mana. The only hero who doesn’t undergo upgrades is your avatar, who has statistical characteristics. However, you can customize and strengthen it with Equipment cards.

  • Tower cards:
  • Aquarium towers
  • Archer towers
  • Javelin towers
  • Holy towers, etc. 

Towers, in their turn, have from 1 to 3 functions (battle upgrades) and may vary in attack type and affinity. New levels become harder to complete, and battles get more fierce every time. Buying CDH NFTs for money is yet only available at OpenSea marketplace, which is the secondary market for getting them.

How Does Crazy Defense Heroes Work?

New cards are not only opened up by the completion of levels. Before you start playing Crazy Defense Heroes, you should know about game gems. In treasure chests that you are likely to find after quests or during daily check-ins, you will find different precious materials such as gold, gems, and new cards. 

Materials will be useful when you want to resurrect one of the dead heroes or level up your card (and you will want it because it improves the attack). Once your avatar is a mature one, it can unlock the new feature ‘Clan,’ which gives way to clan quests or donations. 

Ok, this is clear, but how does Crazy Defense Heroes work when it comes to earnings? Regarding the P2E mechanism, here, there is only one coin that plays the role of both governance and reward token. Here it is a TOWER token – the ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain – which acts as a means of utility, exchange, and governance in all Crazy Kings games.

How to Make Money on Crazy Defense Heroes?

Now, a few things about how to make money on Crazy Defense Heroes. The game pays out every month based on your achievements and sets a specific goal for each month. For example, this August there will be a total prize of nearly $54,000, or 750,000 TOWER. 

At the end of each month, the company decides who is worthy of the TOWER airdrop. Next, the defined amount of TOWER coins is distributed among those eligible for rewards and arrives in their ETH crypto wallets, which have to be linked to the account by that time. 

To begin to make money with Crazy Defense Heroes, just download it to your Android or iOS mobile device. Make a User ID and link it either to your Google account or Apple ID. It’s vital to link the created account to your Metamask wallet to claim TOWER coins in future gameplay. To link a wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Metamask wallet. 
  2. On the official CrazyDefenseHeroes website, choose ‘Connect’ and log in to your game account.
  3. Link the wallet to the game ID and start earning XP to claim rewards. 

Lastly, go through quick Player Verification. 

How Much Can You Earn In Crazy Defense Heroes?

Now, it makes a difference if you do your best to earn the highest rewards. In this case, the answer to ‘How much can you earn in Crazy Defense Heroes?’ will be more than if you just earned legit XP when completing levels. 

To maximize profits, try one of these little tips and tricks:

  1. Making clans and completing quests and missions.

Missions are tasks in ‘Leagues’ where clan members fight in special arenas. Quests are found on the Clan Quest Board. 

  1. Doing raids. 

Raiding bears the purpose of gathering more gold and other resources to renew the maps and buy energy or chests (but it doesn’t add up to XP). 

  1. Taking part in battles. 

Do it at least a few times a day to earn the necessary XP. 

  1. Playing video ads. 

They will also give you an energy potion or special promotions. 

  1. Checking 4-hour chests. 

There you will find automation charges and treasures to help you obtain other items. 

Mind, however, that certain opportunities, such as missions for clans, open at level 3 and up. That is basically how one can earn money in Crazy Defense Heroes.


All in all, the Crazy Defense Heroes game seems like a no-brainer and a lazy game that, at least at the first 10 levels, can be won ‘in the blind mode.’ After that, it gets more challenging, and one can’t do without wise resource management and extra XP earning methods. It also gets much faster.

What we saw as the biggest issue in CDH is conquering bosses, which often leads to avatar’s death. It is also difficult to keep an eye on all kingdom areas, especially when defending it in one of them. 

At the same time, the gameplay is quite satisfying, especially if you have enough time to invest, which will certainly pay off the price if you get included in the top player list. The great plus is that it doesn’t need you to be a pro at P2E games. The setup is easy, linking a wallet isn’t difficult, and it’s even enough to enjoy the play on your iPhone or smartphone without thinking about the play-to-earn element. 

Let’s start?
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