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Alien Worlds

Today there’s not a person who hasn’t heard about blockchain and NFT games. This phenomenon was designed years ago but went viral only in 2021 when it became accessible to ordinary people. 

Games such as Alien Worlds use NFTs as incentives for players to win battles and reach certain levels of success in these games. After this, users are free to do with these tokens what they please: sell them on marketplace sites to convert their wins into cash, keep them as a store of value, or upgrade them more.

Alien Worlds is one of the most widely known platforms for exciting gameplay. The game made a huge leap forward when starting to offer considerable rewards and hence gathered its own circle of fans. 

This Alien Worlds game review reveals the pros and cons of the game. So, keep in mind what you need to know about Alien Worlds and search the Alien Worlds review for answers.

What is Alien Worlds?

First and foremost, Alien Worlds is a decentralized finance metaverse (DeFi) metaverse in which players earn rewards as they make in-game achievements. This platform can operate on many platforms, including Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum. Gamers are rewarded with the native currency on these blockchains — Trilium token (TLM). 

What is Alien World in more detail? The metaverse includes 7 planets. Users can swap NFTs and native tokens to get cash on their territories.

There are numerous activities to take part in, starting from quests, spacecraft missions, and peer-to-peer competitions, and finishing with mining NFTs. It’s also an effective way to create connections with other users, which can build new NFT collections and make their own crypto games. 

You can see how the existing activities are described on the official website on these screenshots.

So, what is Alien Worlds game, if you put it shortly? Anything from teleporting to in-game politics!

How to play Alien Worlds?

Becoming a part of the metaverse is quite easy. Like at the start with many NFT game projects, you will need to open a crypto wallet. In this case, it’s a WAX wallet. 

Then, visit Alien World’s official site and follow the instructions to start playing. No keys are needed, and you can begin minting NFTs right away. Don’t grow discouraged if all the lands are already owned here. Renting some is a good idea for making a profit. 

The idea to create Alien World was born since humanity started to escape the COVID pandemics and continued into an investment platform to play Alien Worlds for fun and cash. Now, let’s get closer to the game itself. 

Everything in this game is a token, including lands and weapons. Therefore, there are over 300 NFTs to find and collect. 

However, lands are the most lucrative properties since they permit you to mine NFTs. Renting lets you do the same but requires a commission on the mined tokens compared to owning land. 

But how to play Alien Worlds only with the land? This would be boring. The game’s goal is to reach the heights in every type of asset, showcase your achievements in competitions, and represent your planet in the global arena. Moreover, holding various assets increases the chances of earning rewards.

How Does Alien Worlds work?

The game is centered around a cross-planetary economy and contains DeFi elements. Alien Worlds can be played on each of 3 blockchains supporting TLM coin: Ethereum, BSC, and WAX. 

How does Alien Worlds work? All players can join communities that are organized on planets and can work out their way to the top. Notably, these groups and the game itself are very international and open to newcomers. In addition, it’s available in 18 languages.

Yet, the game doesn’t only provide fun and earning possibilities. The utility goes wider than this. It has great benefits revealed through:

  • Staking

If anyone stakes TLM, they increase rewards and receive additional passive income. 

  • Governance 

Participants of this metaverse are members of DAO. This means everyone, regardless of how much they hold, can help to govern the project. It includes voting on the current and upcoming ideas about the game.

  • Convenient mining

After players are rewarded with NFTs and TLM for mining tokens, it’s easy to convert them to another cryptocurrency or fiat money or even sell these NFTs. 

All of these cutting-edge technologies in the game make it a good idea to start playing Alien Worlds.

How to make money on Alien Worlds?

The game Alien Worlds has already surpassed the number of 5 million users in 2021, thanks to its possibilities for them to make money on Alien World. 

The play to earn mechanism works through a list of activities:

  • staking

TLM staking generates passive spinoffs and tops up the reward pool on your planet.

  • token mining

When traveling across planets, you can mine the TLM currency with a set of tools to swap this universal currency or keep it.

  • trading NFTs

Here you will experience the freedom to make money with Alien Worlds: exchanging NFT game cards for WAX, swapping them for the new missions, nearly anything!

How much can you earn in Alien Worlds?

How much can you earn in Alien Worlds for real?

This question is always case-specific. As a beginner who doesn’t mind overcoming the ‘struggling’ phase, one can earn nearly 1 USD per day with the help of basic tools. We counted that each minting attempt can give almost 0,2 TLM. So, achieving more in mining requires you to think about advanced equipment.


Average players can already have 6-10 USD hourly with better tools. 

More profits are possible to get from selling worlds. Alien Worlds are sold at marketplaces like AtomicHub for WAX tokens. They can further be exchanged to TLM and be stored, for example, at Binance.

Buying land as an investment move will be super expensive, yet, in the long run, this will create a great opportunity to earn considerable amounts of WAX coin. At AtomicHub, you can filter out the Land collections and check them with AW Stats Website to see if anyone would be interested in them. However, don’t buy land in a rush.

The majority of lands in Alien Worlds can produce up to 30-50 TLM daily, nearly 1,600 USD.

Now it’s obvious that even attractive crypto games need some work to earn money in Alien Worlds.


Alien Worlds is outstanding, and one can say whether it’s worth the cost. 

Anyway, the fact that it’s a legit project that lets you create your own success and update the knowledge about crypto makes the status of this play to earn game very high. It’s transparent, gives versatile tools to mine NFTs, will guide you to get started, and doesn’t require you to download anything. Alien Worlds are already available on mobile devices (Android and iOS alike). The new version was a real breakthrough for iPhone and smartphone owners. It was estimated that this update boosted user activity by around 42%.

As a beginner, you might want to start with other NFTs — digital art and images. If it’s true for you, check out the best NFT collections and news on them at TopNFTCollections.com. There you’ll find the price, market cap, price prediction, and advice for buying. Purchasing NFTs is possible at the NFT market OpenSea.

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